Oracle SQL Developer Password Storage

I have forgotten my password to one of our Oracle database server due to “change password every three months” policy. Luckily I have it stored in my Oracle SQL Developer application. I know the password will be stored in a encrypted format but since it must be sent in plain text to server I’m sure the encryption is reversible.

Google it giving me a few interesting result. The first is a Oracle SQL Developer extension to reveal password ( I’ve installed it but somehow it’s not always working. The extension option is not always available in right-click menu, and also it does not show all the stored passwords.

Another result points me to a gist (, which has the code to decrypt the password.

Below code is copied from the gist, credit belongs to its original author.

Microsoft EWS API for Java and NTLMv2 Authentication

Microsoft has provided its JAVA API for Exchange Web Services (EWS)

However the Apache HttpClient it used couldn’t pass NLTMv2 authentication. In the provided library it does use Samba JCIFS for NTLMv2 authentication, but the flags it uses are wrong.

Original Code:

Apache HttpClient website has provided way to use JCIFS for NTLM:

We have modified EWS API accordingly: