Microsoft EWS API for Java and NTLMv2 Authentication

Microsoft has provided its JAVA API for Exchange Web Services (EWS)

However the Apache HttpClient it used couldn’t pass NLTMv2 authentication. In the provided library it does use Samba JCIFS for NTLMv2 authentication, but the flags it uses are wrong.

Original Code:

Apache HttpClient website has provided way to use JCIFS for NTLM:

We have modified EWS API accordingly:

2 thoughts on “Microsoft EWS API for Java and NTLMv2 Authentication”

  1. Can you tell mewhat class you modified for this change? I saw the post in the Apache project and it seems to be a lot more complex than your change.

    1. You don’t need to modify it now. Microsoft has moved the code to Github and the latest version support NTLMv2 itself.

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