Things to explore

There are a couple of things in my mind to explore in next a few months. Just to note them down before I get lost.

A new pattern – CQRS (Command & Query Responsibility Segregation)

I heard of this term first from my company’s architecture design talk, and heard it again from Uncle Bob‘s presentation. Thankfully and surprisingly, Microsoft has published a free book about CQRS and Event Sourcing (ES) online here.

A new language – Clojure

I’ve heard this language long time back but never really look into it. But recently I have (maybe not only me, the whole community has) growing interest in functional language and scripting after diving in OO program many years. Again this was mentioned in Uncle Bob’s presentation and I feel I should at least try something out from it. Another reason is that it’s based on Lisp – a (old) programming language I have special passion on.

A few JavaScript frameworks

I used to work as a backend coder proudly and look down those UI works until in my previous project I worked a lot on JavaScript stuff, in which I used jQuery and JavaScript micro-templating heavily. From there I also learned V8 engine and node.js, and realized JavaScript has changed dramatically over the years and not only a UI script language like Netscape time. The open-source community has grown fast. More and more techniques/patterns/frameworks emerged and evolved. Among them I have particular interest in below:

  • MVC pattern – backbone.js – A nice online tutorial can be found here.
  • AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) – require.js – A good article here and youtube video here.
  • Micro-templating – Hogan.js

And just one more to read: Resig’s new book – Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

[Update 1] (19 Feb 2013)

Today I came across another interesting article when searching for require.js

And two answers to this “not the answer”:

2 thoughts on “Things to explore”

  1. CQRS and event sourcing are superb modern solutions, especially in a performance monster env. Unluckily my current job keeps me away from them. To a gov project owner, performance is never the first thing concerned, they will always keep things politically safe first.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      How you doing? Good to hear from you!

      Well I think not many got chance to practise, to be honest, and not many really understand it I believe. I just started to read and try to grasp the basic idea behind it.

      Where are you working now? Let’s catch up sometime.

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